Monday, February 26, 2007

People eat the darndest things

I spend my days helping people become better at whatever they want to do, to feel better and improve themselves mentally and spiritually. Unfortunately, something has been coming between me and that aim. What is it? That's right:
I've been finding person after person telling me they are feeling bad. I ask them, "What did you eat?"
"I had a donut for breakfast, a hot dog for lunch, for a snack I had potato chips and for dinner I had some water and then I had some coffee."
Or "I had chocolate and tea for breakfast."
Or "I never eat anything all day until 3:00 pm. Then I have a big cup of coffee and a muffin. At 10:00pm I have my big meal of the day and have a huge steak and pasta".
Or I've had people tell me they can't sleep or they wake up after a few hours of sleep and I ask what they do before going to bed, and they tell me they eat a chocolate bar or drink hot chocolate or eat sugary cereal.
What ever happened to regular food?
There are SO MANY diet foods, plans, nutrition guides and breakthroughs; books on this, that and the other miracle vitamin or supplement, that I didn't guess that food would need to be addressed at all. Food seems to be at the forefront of national and international attention. You can't go anywhere without hearing about food, snacks, diets, gourmet dining, new recipes or nutritional health cures. There are entire empires built on these things and many people who have gotten rich giving advice on what to eat and not eat.
I wonder if there is still a niche in the market?
The problem is, who would buy a book or diet plan called "Eat Your Breakfast", "Eat Your Vegetables" "Don't Eat Too Many Sweets"?
Besides, it would be a very short book. I'd have to pad it with lots of chapters about what not to do, or just make up a lot of gobbledegook for filler.
This is basically all it would say:
1) Eat all three meals a day
2) Eat protein at each meal
3) Eat vegetables and fruits each day
4) Don't eat very many sweets, try to stay away from junk food and sodas
5) Keep to a reasonable amount of caffeine- try to get your energy from slow-burning food and exercise.
6) Get enough fluids in a day- water is great.
7) Don't eat anything sugary before going to bed. Maybe have a light snack with protein and/or vegies. Warm milk or turkey are especially nice for getting to sleep.
Well, that's about it. It does work, so maybe if anyone out there can think of a hot way to market it, we could have a best-seller.


Blogger Kyra said...

I see that advice everywhere. Proper nutrition is one of those things that people know they're supposed to get but don't because they know they're supposed to. "It's *my* life and I'm gonna drink 37 mountain dews a day because I feel like it, darn it!"
... after awhile people forget there's a reason they're not supposed to do that, I guess.

March 09, 2007 7:56 AM  

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